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Assembly Simulation and Validation

Using virtual assembly for assembly planning and validation

Tecnomatix Assembly Simulation and Validation allows the manufacturer to simulate and validate all assembly sequences, even those that require human and machine interaction. Using these tools to validate production systems digitally reduces tool installation time and minimizes system try-out costs. This optimization and validation of assembly processes, will, increase productivity.

Furthermore, optimizing the assembly process before production starts makes the most sense, because manufacturing plans will be correct the first time, thus improving time-to-volume production. With Tecnomatix Assembly Simulation, overall planning process time is reduced, production setup is faster, and faster ramp-up and delivery of high-quality products are achieved.

Process Simulate

Tecnomatix Process Simulate provides its users with a data-managed environment complete with assembly operation feasibility and validation tools that allow users to augment their plans with 3D sectioning, measurements, and collision detection. Thanks to the program’s added features of sequencing and automatic assembly path planning, the entire process can be simulated prior to assembly operations.