Factory FLOW

Product Overview

Manufacturers invest millions of dollars in ensuring they get as much productivity they can from direct labor: Machines on the line, workers at their stations, tools and fixtures in optimum condition, and production processes running smoothly. However, it is much harder to follow up on what is happening with indirect labor. Perhaps excessive non-value work is being performed, or perhaps operational costs are running high for unknown reasons. Pinpointing these kinds of problems and analyzing them are often difficult to achieve. For this reason, many managers focus on direct labor issues instead, and chances to turn things around are missed.

FactoryFLOW is a graphic-based material handling system that focuses on indirect labor by allowing users to create a factory layout based on material flow distances, frequency, and cost. The application evaluates and analyzes information concerning routing, storage needs, handling equipment and packaging, against the factory layout.

With FactoryFLOW manufacturers can look at information about the factory differently, and thus, create more efficient factory layouts where the parts travel less and where the lot sizes and inventory levels don’t need to be as large. These smarter decisions improve communications and efficiency in the factory, decreasing manufacturing costs and increasing overall productivity.

Key Capabilities and Benefits


  • Creates material flow and congestion diagrams.
  • Calculates material handling equipment requirements.
  • Analyzes and validates operator walk-paths.
  • Builds tugger routes based upon material requirements.
  • Designs packing strategies for storage areas and transport vehicles.


  • Reduces material handling costs.
  • Optimizes use of space in the shop floor storage areas.
  • Reduces non-value added work and minimizes indirect labor costs
  • .
  • Optimizes use of resources and flow of material.
  • Optimizes material packing for transportation vehicles.

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