PLM Training

A transfer of knowledge is the foundation upon which any successful training program is built. And the cornerstone of such a transfer comprises the knowledge and expertise the trainer brings to the situation. Geometric Solutions understands the importance both of user training to achieve the maximum ROI on technology tools and of competent, adaptable instructors to provide such training. We work on a daily basis with the software we sell and support, and familiarity breeds insights. So whether you need a simple refresher course or a more in-depth introduction to a tool, we instruct from a position of experience and understanding – Hey, we’ve been there. And we can help you get there, too.

Utilizing Siemens certified training materials, we offer all levels of training, from standardized “overviews” to custom-developed training plans. To meet your needs, we can modify topics covered, program lengths, and meeting places – yours, ours, online. Upon completion of the course, each trainee receives a Geometric Solutions Certificate, a 30-day subscription to Siemens’ online self-paced training material in Learning Advantage, and lifetime access to the training and support materials.

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