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Design Digitally 101: Reduce Prototyping Costs by 92%


While additive manufacturing and 3D printing help bring down the cost of producing physical prototypes- testing and validating products requires a solution that can animate parts and test, form, fit, and function. NX Animation Designer was developed to create true-to-life product animations that can simulate complex motions, adopt assembly constraints, and check for collisions between parts that move simultaneously.

Did we mention the best part? No physical prototype is needed for review. Instead, NX Animation Designer validates your designs digitally, saving your team 92% on the cost of building physical prototypes.

Watch Dan Turk, a Certified NX Professional Elite 100 User, demonstrate how NX Animation Designer could be a huge asset to your team.

What Is NX Animation Designer?

NX Animation Designer is a Siemens add-on for NX CAD, formerly Unigraphics. Much like a swiss army knife, NX Animation Designer has numerous use-cases that can be utilized across your production process. For instance, not only is this a powerful marketing tool for your account team, but there are many useful benefits for your designers. This motion analysis application can be used to study kinematic behavior, find collisions between moving parts, optimize assembly/disassembly sequencing with color-coded timelines, all while reducing the necessary efforts taken to create accurate digital mockups.

Animation is a great way to interact with potential and current customers. NX Animation Designer’s true-to-life motion graphics will not only help your team create business winning proposals, but it will also save your company 92% on the cost of physical prototypes with its ability to validate designs.

Learn More About NX Animation Designer

Our upcoming webinar “Design Digitally 101: Reduce Prototyping Costs by 92%” is a great opportunity to learn more about this amazing tool. Additionally, our previous webinar "Save Days and Dollars with NX Animation Designer" is available on-demand.

Tuesday, June 9
2 pm EDT

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