Digital Human Modeling DHM

Meet Jack. Jack is about to become your new best friend as you seek to perfect the ergonomics of your product designs and to refine industrial tasks. A human modeling and simulation tool, Jack and his optional toolkits perform human-centered ergonomic analyses of both virtual products and virtual work environments. Jack will help you to size your virtual human models to match worker populations. He also will test your designs for multiple factors such as injury risk, user comfort, reachability, line of sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits, and other important human parameters. Since he enables you to improve product quality and process feasibility early in the product lifecycle Jack will be instrumental in helping you realize significant cost and time savings.

Teaming up with Jack, you will be able to integrate individual human factors and ergonomics seamlessly into the planning, design and validation stages of your product lifecycle. Jack will help you gain a significant competitive advantage thanks to his ability to meld classic ergonomics and human factors assessment techniques with the latest visualization and simulation technologies.

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Jack arrives with the latest human simulation capabilities:

  • Task Simulation Builder employs high-level commands to instruct the human model in 3D virtual products and work environments. This allows for quick animation and scenario development. Once a particular task sequence is defined for the human model, it’s easy to test for what-if scenarios by swapping human figures of different sizes, by moving objects in the environment or by changing the weight of an object. Jack will automatically recompute human postures and motions to reflect the updated scene. The simulation will even provide ergonomic reports and time estimates based on standard time tables.
  • Human posturing techniques enable you to quickly and accurately pose the human models with minimal input. Some of the most sophisticated methods for figure manipulation and posture prediction available on the market today are part of Jack’s DNA, including his ability to predict human posture based on hand force exertions.
  • Smooth skin human modeling represents visually and anthropometrically accurate body shapes by employing deformable mesh technology.
  • Advanced hand modeling provides a premier solution for representing hand anthropometry and other hand modeling features.
  • Customization capabilities include an easy-to-access scripting/programming interface to create analysis and interface add-ons that extend and custom-fit Jack to individual business needs (many of these customizations are openly made available to the Jack user community).


  • Human interaction during the design, build and sale stages of the product lifecycle is inevitable, and Jack helps you assess the human element throughout your product lifecycle
  • Jack saves your company time and money while enabling you to create more human-friendly designs
  • Jack provides a complete environment for all your ergonomics and human factors needs, offering a comprehensive suite of analysis capabilities
  • Jack enables you to uncover human performance and feasibility issues early in the design process, allowing for big savings from a small investment
  • Jack enables you to effectively communicate issues and visualize potential solutions