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Heavy Equipment

Product and process complexity, along with the need to meet regulatory requirements for safety and emissions are key trends in the Heavy Equipment industry. Global manufacturing demand and increased competitive pressures are also on the rise and impacting margins.

To remain competitive, Heavy Equipment manufacturers need to improve their manufacturing and engineering collaboration processes to move process planning and simulation upstream. By doing so, the can eliminate potential problems early (reducing cost impact) and offer demanding buyers more configuration choices.

Big Machines, Big Challenges

To remain successful, Heavy Equipment manufacturers must employ advanced process-driven techniques to evolve from a serial development process to concurrent engineering that optimizes the workflow and identifies problems early.

Siemens PLM Software offers a wide range of solutions that address all of these challenges. Their Global Platform for Engineering and Manufacturing helps manage and integrate every stage of the product development process. A single Bill of Materials (BOM) improves accuracy and enables rapid innovation. Integrated global product and production knowledge reduces errors and rework by ensuring product changes are rapidly reconciled. And, the Platform also includes tools to identify regulatory requirements and incorporate them into the earliest designs.

A Partner Who Knows Your World

At Geometric Solutions, we understand the challenges facing Heavy Equipment manufacturers. We help support the industry with software and knowledge that translates into better products, faster, and with improved quality. We know how to harness the power of Siemens PLM Software solutions and customize them to your requirements, workflows, and preferences. We can customize and adapt your software, help train your team, and provide a wide range of other support that maximizes your investment.