Teamcenter Extend

Now that you’ve gotten product data unified so your teams can find, share, and re-use engineering design, documents, and BOMs, now what? Now take it to the next level by managing requirements, including your entire supply chain, and connecting your engineering and manufacturing functions.

Key elements to Teamcenter Extend include:

Requirements Management

Managing and tracking the voice of the customer is no small challenge. Your enterprise needs a systematic, consistent solution for capturing and implementing customer requirements. It needs Teamcenter. Using Teamcenter requirements management software, every decision-maker can see and understand all program requirements as they evolve.

Whether you need to analyze, investigate, prioritize, or trace customer and program requirements, Teamcenter provides the tools you necessary to ensure your products reflect the voice of the customer, while complying with contractual and regulatory demands.

At every step of the way, in real-time, Teamcenter allows you to monitor, analyze, and trace requirements. Then the software makes it easy to ensure that all key decision-makers understand these requirements.

Key benefits of Teamcenter for Requirements Management include:

  • An easy convenient solution to capture and manage the voice of the customer with a single source of knowledge in the familiar Microsoft Office user interface
  • Deliver products that meet customer needs, comply with regulations, and satisfy contractual agreements
  • Improve agility to meet changing customer requirements and capitalize on changing market opportunities
  • Link and trace requirements to functional, logical, and physical implementation
  • Improve productivity and quality by minimizing errors and rework

Manufacturing Process Management

When combined with our Tecnomatix digital manufacturing solution, Teamcenter provides a single source of knowledge for manufacturing data. From engineering through production, you’ll have the tools to fully manage products, processes, resources, and plants. By harnessing this power, you’ll leverage manufacturing prowess to impact profitability, reduce time-to-market, and improve quality.

Manufacturing process management is an essential part of any PLM strategy. It enables you to connect your product design activities to your manufacturing planning activities, ensuring that products are designed for manufacturability.

Key benefits of a Manufacturing Process Management solution include:

  • Earlier validation of manufacturing feasibility
  • More effective process communication
  • Increased manufacturing planning efficiency
  • Improved worker safety and efficiency

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

If you own, operate, or build complex products with long service lives a solution to help manage maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) processes is critical. Service and asset performance are key for successful businesses. The ability to keep assets operating is critical for owner/operators. For manufacturers and service organizations post-sale service can establish an additional high-margin revenue stream.

Teamcenter features a unique “configuration-driven MRO software” approach that unites manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance to drive more efficient service operations. Using service data management (SDM), Teamcenter provides a single, secure source of asset, process, and service data that supports the full product lifecycle.

Whether you’re responsible for the whole product lifecycle, or just the service portion of it, Teamcenter’s MRO capabilities can empower your organization. Manufacturers can close the loop between operations and product development to improve products. Service organizations can deliver better service and support to their customers and maximize product margins. And owner/operators improve asset utilization and minimize equipment downtime.

Key benefits of a Teamcenter MRO solution include:

  • Efficiently track and manage MRO activities throughout the enterprise
  • Improve first-time repair performance, asset availability, and equipment reliability
  • Perform proactive maintenance operation more efficiently – for example when an asset is out of service for an unscheduled repair
  • Efficiently execute lean support operations, whether handled in-house or outsourced
  • Manage the parts, tools and equipment required for support operations
  • Quantify operational metrics to identify issues and opportunities for improvement and support of PBL and SLA contracts
  • Create and manage logistics support data
  • Capture real-world MRO performance to close the gap between service and product engineering knowledge
  • Focus and optimize MRO operations, resources, and assets
  • Provides support for industry standards such as PLCS ISO 10303-239, Mil-Std 1388 and GEIA-STD-0007

Supplier Integration

Today’s products are increasingly complex and pressures are mounting to bring products to market faster than ever before. As a result, more products are being developed digitally and validated by global teams. These teams include both your staff and your suppliers – who are being asked to assume more responsibility for a greater portion of your product. Add to this the need for your supply chain to interact with multiple disciplines within your company, and complexity ensues.

The upside to this model is that with good visibility to key information for all parties, the development process accelerates and can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Teamcenter’s supplier integration capability links your extended enterprise across all phases of product development. With Teamcenter, you can automate the process of supplier integration and manage process data at a granular level. Because Teamcenter integrates the bill of materials (BOM), sourcing processes are aligned and cost impacts can be quantified.

Key benefits of a Teamcenter for Supplier Integration solution include:

  • Extending PLM processes and information across the extended enterprise – including your supply chain
  • Comprehensive integration of supplier product data
  • Streamlined supplier collaboration with multiple disciplines, including purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, and others
  • Comprehensive support for requests for information, proposal or quotation (RFx)
  • Easier Internet negotiation (reverse and Dutch auction) management
  • Improved supply chain management and lower supply chain costs
  • Accelerated product development cycles for faster time-to-market
  • Improved supplier quality and lower supplier risk

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