Teamcenter Start

Need Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you know you need a tool to help your teams collaborate, organize, and accelerate, but don’t know what?

The first step toward a PLM strategy is to manage and share product designs, documents, Bill of Materials (BOM), and data. Teamcenter uses standardized workflows and change processes to streamline operations and improve quality throughout your organization.

Key elements to Teamcenter Start include:

Engineering Process Management

Teamcenter brings global engineering teams together with a single product data management (PDM) system. Using this single source of knowledge, you can capture, manage, and synchronize product design data while you automate your engineering change, validation, and approval cycles. Teamcenter’s engineering process management solution lets you utilize models from all major CAD systems. Teamcenter converts multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral JT format automatically, so it’s transparent to users. You can bring parts from different CAD systems into a visual mockup, where you can visualize, probe, section, analyze and mark up. Built-in digital validation enables you to aggregate design changes to see their impact in real-time. Your design team can validate changes in both the current configuration, and almost any other configuration. With Teamcenter’s automated workflow capabilities you can communicate and evaluate the impact of proposed changes.

Key benefits of the Teamcenter Engineering Process Management solution include:

  • Tightly integrate globally-dispersed, multiple design teams
  • Improve engineering productivity by eliminating time-consuming searches for information and easier design re-use
  • Enable innovation with easier evaluation of alternate designs
  • Reduced development time and cost enabled by working in a multi-CAD environment and elimination of CAD translation cost
  • Accelerated design review due to real-time change updates
  • Cut development time 30-70 percent
  • Reduce engineering changes 65-90 percent
  • Speed time-to-market 20-90 percent
  • Increase quality 200-600 percent
  • Increase engineering productivity 20-110 percent

Content and Document Management

Whether you are creating simple, but important, business documents or generating complex service manuals Teamcenter brings the authoring process into the same PLM environment that supports the overall product development process. The result? Your authors can stay in-sync with product content and changes, enabling them to produce accurate, high quality documents while remaining on-schedule and on-budget. Content and document management can now truly span your enterprise. Teamcenter supports familiar environments, including MS Office so your authors can work within familiar environments. You can also use structured languages such as SGML and XML to generate content.

Benefits of a Teamcenter Content and Document Management solution include:

  • Reduce manual preparation time by 25-50 percent
  • Increase production volume by 50 percent
  • Increase quality and accuracy of documentation
  • Use PLM functions within familiar Microsoft Office applications
  • Utilize structured SGML/XML content
  • Easily publish multiple versions of documentation
  • Streamline management of graphic content
  • Link documentation components to product content, graphics, and translations

BOM Management

A single source of BOM information coupled with analysis tools ensures accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders. With Teamcenter’s BOM capabilities, you eliminate the need to maintain, combine, and confirm content previously housed in disparate systems. A unified BOM solution provides real-time clarity to all stakeholders to improve decision-making and speed development. Because Teamcenter is a robust BOM solution, it enables you to manage complex product definitions that include product options and variability. Users can manage families of products instead of discrete product variants, enabling more options without additional effort. Teamcenter BOM is about more than just development, however. By bridging the gap from design to procurement and delivery, you can reduce errors, scrap, rework and warranty costs.

Teamcenter BOM benefits include:

  • Eliminate multiple, redundant BOM systems to ensure real-time accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders
  • Reduce development costs through enhanced re-use, improved BOM accuracy, and reduced cycle times
  • Increase business opportunities by streamlining development of more product configuration offerings without a corresponding increase in documentation workload
  • Provide analysis capabilities to key stakeholders to ensure accuracy
  • Reduce errors and rework by uniting design and delivery
  • Coordinate essential BOM information with other key business processes efficiently

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

Research indicates that some 69 percent of companies admit that their new product introduction processes are not under financial or strategic control. With Teamcenter’s capabilities for Portfolio, Program, and Project Management you can connect your strategic product portfolio plans to specific projects and programs to ensure detailed operational execution. By looking at your R&D operations as a while, Teamcenter helps you define tactics that support your overall priorities and planning. When your teams are executing against clearly defined goals, they can better coordinate resources to meet the company’s strategic needs. By increasing program visibility and synchronizing activities, you can drive performance and profitability, and increase the overall return on your R&D investment.

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management benefits of a Teamcenter solution include:

  • Harness enterprise knowledge to make better decisions to select and manage future programs
  • Establish a baseline for continuous improvement efforts
  • Drive innovation by prioritizing resources and investments
  • Streamline creation and revision of budgets and forecasts
  • Align corporate strategy with program and project execution
  • Streamline the entire product lifecycle

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