Design Digitally 101: Reduce Prototyping Costs by 92%


While additive manufacturing and 3D printing help bring down the cost of producing physical prototypes- testing and validating products requires a solution that can animate parts and test, form, fit, and function. NX Animation Designer was developed to create true-to-life product animations that can simulate complex motions, adopt assembly constraints, and check for collisions between parts that move simultaneously.

Did we mention the best part? No physical prototype is needed for review. Instead, NX Animation Designer validates your designs digitally, saving your team 92% on the cost of building physical prototypes.

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New Trends in Production Compliance: Human Centered Design, Simulation and Ergonomic

Employees working in manufacturing environments are prone to workplace injuries. This is due to the type of day-to-day tasks assigned to workers such as:

• Repetitive actions
• Awkward postures
• High forces (pushing and/or pulling)
• Exposure to vibrations from tools and equipment
• Equipment malfunctions
• Difficult to reach areas

Additionally, as the competitive market for manufacturing escalates, many workers are continuously asked to work harder or longer hours even while management attempts to cut costs.

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Reverse REVERSE Engineering: Beat out the Competition

OEMs and Services Companies are competing for their customers’ in-service products. Often, challenges include:

• Getting a detailed analysis of competitive products to find an edge
• Legacy designs often exist only as drawings, outdated CAD models, or have no documentation at all
• Competitive advantage continues to increase as other manufacturers reduce costs and speed up time-to-market

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How Do You Efficiently Meet the Personalization Needs for Medical Equipment?


The medical device industry in the United States is expected to reach $208 billion by the year 2023 and regulatory inspections are increasing at a rate of 300%. Along with increasing demands and liabilities, the growing need for personalization in the medical industry requires CAD models that can conform to patient-specific anatomical structures.

Due to the reliance on physical and clinical testing, both of which are extremely expensive and add significant time to the development process, NX Convergent Modeling provides a single virtual testing environment that can speed up the personalization process without neglecting safety concerns.

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