Service to Ownership: Siemens' "Digital Twin" Simulation tool (Tecnomatix)

As a user of Siemens’ "Digital Twin" Simulation tools (Tecnomatix), Geometric Solutions knows the Return on Investment (ROI) it can provide. Within the digital prototype, users will find a comprehensive representation of geometry, product variation (tolerances), assembly process variation (sequence, assembly attachment definition, tooling), and measurements. They can use this model to predict any assembly build problems before making any physical parts or cutting any tooling. They will also be able to use the software to pinpoint the root causes of any build problems and to optimize the design and the tolerances and assembly process to be optimized early on in the product development process.

We want to help ensure you recognize the same benefits so we developed a process with the Digital Twin Simulation as its most crucial component. Here's how it works.

  • Over our shoulder – We service the project with your company and give you the chance to see the ROI you can expect with the software in-house.
  • Shoulder to shoulder – We incorporate your in-house team along with training and support, so we are sitting shoulder to shoulder.
  • Over your shoulder – You are involved and we’re supporting you, standing over your shoulder with your in-house team. You are up and running and your team is fully engaged, ready to take control with full confidence. However, when difficulties occur, we are there to help you through your challenge.

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