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Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

A wide range of challenges face manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. One of the most significant are increased financial pressures resulting from increased competition as well as bundled payments and a move toward evidence-based care. Another is a trend toward globalization – both in markets and in how new products are designed, manufactured and delivered to market. Finally, regulatory audits can result in costly and time-consuming processes for manufacturers. To compete, today’s manufacturer must be able to innovate quickly while maintaining quality and safety, and document their processes.

Complex Problems Demand Robust Solutions

Siemens PLM Software delivers a family of solutions that help manufacturers design-in quality from the very beginning. They do this by leveraging technologies proven in more mature global industries and enable global R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain collaboration. Using a robust suite of software, Siemens can help you create and synchronized a more accurate and structured definition of product and manufacturing specifications across a global enterprise. This solution also leverages enterprise-class systems to centrally harmonize and synchronize process and data – improving CAPA processes and reducing audit warning letters.

A Partner Who Knows Your World

At Geometric Solutions, we understand the challenges facing Medical Device & Pharmaceutical manufacturers. We help support the industry with software and knowledge that translates into better products, faster, and with improved quality. We know how to harness the power of Siemens PLM Software solutions and customize them to your requirements, workflows, and preferences. We can customize and adapt your software, help train your team, and provide a wide range of other support that maximizes your investment.