Teamcenter Rapid Start

Get product data management up and running quickly with a growth path to PLM

Teamcenter Rapid Start’s preconfigured capabilities minimize the costs of consulting and deployment and initiate product data management (PDM) quickly and cost-effectively. Rapid Start delivers the world’s most widely implemented (PDM) solutions by utilizing the most common, industry best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software.

Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers all the robust PDM capabilities of Teamcenter, plus the flexibility to grow into additional Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities. Rapid Start offers the immediate benefits of PDM along with the added confidence of a growth path to PLM.

What is Teamcenter Rapid Start?

Teamcenter Rapid Start, a Teamcenter solution (unified architecture), can be deployed and ready to use in nearly 70% less time than it takes for a custom installation of the separate software components. Rapid Start delivers both the standard Teamcenter and a preconfigured PDM functionality. These choices of features allow customers to get their PDM environments up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Teamcenter Rapid Start is specially designed to address the PDM requirements of small and medium size businesses (SMBs). These SMBs, which do not have big IT infrastructures, don’t want to get into customization complexities but instead benefit greatly from easy-to-install, easy-to-use, pre-configured packages.

Teamcenter Rapid Start applies preconfigured best practices to everyday engineering tasks and processes of the following organizations:

  • Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies
  • Well-defined departmental workgroups
  • Suppliers to OEMs and other product manufacturers

Teamcenter Rapid Start key values:

  • Installs simply and fast to set up and deploy
  • Includes high-value, preconfigured functionality based on best practices
  • Requires minimal IT expertise to operate and support
  • Delivers benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment

The overall Teamcenter Rapid Start business process supports CAD-focused enterprises by providing:

  • Industry-standard groups and roles for authors, such as manufacturing and engineering designers, checkers, and managers, and for consumers, such as shop floor operators and business staff
  • Sequential and stand-alone workflows to support development, production, and obsolescence releases, as well as ad hoc status changes

Collaborate on Multi-CAD Designs, Without Using MCAD

Teamcenter Rapid Start’s multi-CAD data management for mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) enables you to create, manage, visualize, validate and re-use native design data from a wide selection of MCAD systems, including NX and Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software, as well as AutoCAD®, CATIA®, Inventor®, Creo® Parametric, and SolidWorks®. Using its JT 3D visualization standard, you can collaborate on designs even without access to the MCAD tool that authored them. Establishing a single, secure source of product data, regardless of MCAD authoring tool, gives you access to essential information for making better decisions across your organization.

Multi-domain Collaboration with ECAD Data Management

Electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) management in Teamcenter Rapid Start enables ECAD teams to increase productivity by integrating disconnected design flows; managing all of the design, part library, fabrication, and assembly data; and enabling data sharing across multiple domains. Rapid Start supports ECAD integrations with design tools from Mentor, Cadence, Intercept and Altium. Also an integration gateway will incorporate tools developed internally or procured from third parties.

Manage Essential Engineering Documentation

The definition of a product doesn’t end with its design. Teamcenter Rapid Start helps to create and manage essential engineering documentation along with the rest of the product and process data. Access from the familiar documents is easy.

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