Teamcenter Transform

Once you’ve captured and managed your information product development information, extended these capabilities to include your supply chain as well as maintenance and repair functions, Teamcenter can still help you establish industry leadership with even more capabilities.

Using Teamcenter you can establish a framework for sustainability and design for environment (DfE) initiatives with a substance compliance solution to support the development of green, environmentally friendly products. Teamcenter can quickly show how well your products comply with specific environmental regulations – both regionally and globally. You can improve quality management responsiveness through corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). And you can unit your multi-discipline products through systems engineering. Finally, you can utilize tools to help you manage materials and process costs to ensure profitability.

Key elements to Teamcenter Transform include:

Quality Management with CAPA

The competitive organization must make trade-off decisions every day between cost, time, and design intent. Missteps can be costly. The key to making these decisions is timely, accurate, comprehensive access to information. You’re already using product lifecycle management to streamline product development, why not include your quality teams in this cycle? With Teamcenter, you can.

Teamcenter’s solution for corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) offers an enterprise-wide solution for capturing complaints, defects, and non-conformance in a systemized, accessible single source of knowledge. Design, manufacturing, and quality teams share the same data they need to directly impact Six Sigma, lean, and other related initiatives. Teamcenter gives your teams insight into critical product quality characteristics, failures/non-conformances, and how these issues were resolved. With Teamcenter’s quality management solution you can make smarter decisions across your global enterprise that streamlines CAPA efficiency and reduces the costs of quality.

At every step of the way, in real-time, Teamcenter allows you to monitor, analyze, and trace requirements. Then the software makes it easy to ensure that all key decision-makers understand these requirements

Key benefits of Teamcenter solution for Quality Management with CAPA include:

  • Automation reduces manual effort, streamlining your business processes
  • Accelerate problem resolution timing while increasing executive visibility
  • Improve closure results to reduce risk of potential rework demands
  • Re-use knowledge more efficiently
  • Leverage your technology investment to solve real-world quality problems
  • Customizable dashboard provides visibility of key metric performance
  • Unites all product data and related issues in a single environment
  • Provide comprehensive standards compliance and traceability

Product Cost Management

Even the most innovative products aren’t successful unless they’re profitable. As such, meeting cost goals throughout the development cycle is critical. What you need is truly integrated, accessible product cost data. Teamcenter’s product cost management solution leverages your investment in PLM to deliver this information.

With Teamcenter, you can simulate, analyze, and optimize production costs to make the right decisions at the right time to ensure your products are profitable. Cost engineers can calculate complex assemblies and versions accurately and quickly using Teamcenter’s product cost management tools. An extensive database enables you to simulate different scenarios, including direct and production-related costs to gain a real-world understanding of the implications of design and other decisions.

Using Teamcenter, executives can secure product investments by analyzing future unit costs and prices through the product lifecycle. This data can be used to determine ROI, cash flow, and other key business metrics.

Key benefits of Teamcenter solution for Product Cost Management include:

  • Increased knowledge of what a purchased part should cost to help educate and negotiate with suppliers
  • Identify key cost drivers early in the development cycle to reduce decisions that impact profitability
  • Negotiate with customers from a position of strength by knowing your product costs in detail
  • Improve models for tool costing to ensure profitability goals are maintained

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance

Increasingly today’s consumer demands products made with sustainable materials and processes. Add to this regional and global regulatory pressures and today’s manufacturer is faced with the challenge of making sustainable products profitably. But why struggle to keep-up with constantly changing, country-specific regulations such as RoHS or wait for future mandates like EuP (energy-using products)? With Teamcenter you can establish a framework for sustainability and design for environment (DfE) initiatives.

Teamcenter’s sustainability and environmental compliance capabilities manages material and substance information across a bill of materials (BOM). This knowledge enables your design team to control the makeup of our products and minimize the use of hazardous substances. You can also determine the effect of a specific material early in the development cycle and determine its impact on your bottom line. Teamcenter reduces the complexity managing vast amounts of environmental data to ensure compliance of your products down to the substance level. In addition, you can use Teamcenter as a single source of approved materials for use companywide.

Teamcenter traces requirements from the earliest stages of product design, to the manufacturing process, and through to the product in-service. This comprehensive view enables you to establish the sustainability of products and processes from idea to implementation across your enterprise.

Key benefits of a Teamcenter solution for Sustainability and Environmental Compliance include:

  • Enables data exchanges with third-party material sources like MatML or IMDS, as well as supplier warehouses like BOMcheck to align your data and achieve compliance
  • Reduce risk of significant fines, market restrictions, or brand damage by identifying, tracking and reporting substances of concern
  • Streamline the exchange of material and substance declarations with suppliers
  • Includes standard rule sets for compliance grading against REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals
  • Rules editor lets you configure Teamcenter to meet company-specific and substance-based environmental compliance regulations
  • Streamline DfE initiative implementation

Systems Engineering

The products of tomorrow integrate electrical, electronic, software, and mechanical domains seamlessly. Teamcenter systems engineering software operates in a model-driven environment that can be used to apply systems engineering concepts to your product development processes. This solution links system modeling, architecture, and simulation with requirements management. The result? The ability to look to understand your products as cross-domain systems in a previously impossible way.

A variety of web-based groupware in Teamcenter provides a library of tools that enable development teams to view complex products from a systems-oriented perspective. These modeling blocks help break down high-level product hierarchies into granular design elements, program constraints, and other key elements. The resulting project notes allow the designer to communicate their design intent, record concerns, and raise issues of interest to the entire development team.

Key to successful systems engineering is re-use of proven design data – a core strength of Teamcenter. You can capture, manage, and re-use elements and interface definitions as an evolving by-product of your cross-domain solution. As a result, compliance demonstration with program requirements is streamlined.

Key benefits of a Teamcenter solution for Systems Engineering include:

  • Streamlined communization and re-use
  • Greater understanding of products as the result of cross-domain systems
  • Improved productivity and product quality
  • Avoid costly problems late in the product lifecycle
  • Simplify regulator and contractual compliance
  • Intuitive MS Office user interface to create, edit, and maintain systems definition
  • Easy integration with model-driven systems design and simulation tools like MS Visio, Matlab/Simulink, NX, and more
  • Enhanced ability to manage system definition and models throughout the lifecycle

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