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Femap is an industry-leading tool for the creation of finite element analysis (FEA) models of complex products and systems. Using Femap, you can virtually model components, assemblies, or systems to predict behaviors in a given operating environment.

Key benefits of a Femap solution include:

  • Improved product performance and reliability through predictive modeling and analysis
  • Reduced or eliminated need for physical prototyping and testing
  • Easy ability to evaluation multiple design and materials
  • Optimized designs that reduce material usage

Femap includes:

  • Femap with NX Nastran
  • Femap Thermal Solver
  • Femap Advanced Thermal Solver
  • Femap Flow Solver

Femap with NX Nastran

Available with a wide range of capabilities to meet your needs, Femap with NX Nastran is an integrated solution for modeling as well as pre- and post-processing. The base version includes linear and statics, normal modes, buckling and heat transfer. Other configurations add options for dynamics, optimization, advanced non-linear analysis, rotor dynamics, direct matrix abstraction program (DMAP), aeroelasticity, and a structural analysis toolkit.

Learn more about Femap with NX Nastran here.

Femap Thermal Solver

When you need state-of-the-art thermal analysis capabilities, Femap Thermal Solver provides fast, accurate solutions to a wide range of complex thermal engineering problems. The Femap Thermal Solver uses finite-element mesh and numerical techniques to make it easy to model nonlinear and transient processes including conduction, radiation, and phase change. Based on advanced thermal solver technology, Femap Thermal Solver delivers solid reliability and high processing speed for even the most challenging engineering problems. Accurate thermal analysis can be performed in record time – delivering insights needed to bring better products to market faster.

Femap Advanced Thermal Solver

When your thermal analysis needs are more demanding, Femap Advanced Thermal Solver adds more advanced thermal modeling and simulation capabilities. These include 1D fluid network modeling, as well as free and forced convection. Femap Advanced Thermal Solver is ideal for sophisticated simulations such as radiation and spacecraft modeling, including both solar and orbital heating, orbit modeling and display, ray tracing, and articulating structures. In addition, the software includes more advanced features like custom user subroutines, model simplification, sub-structuring, and interfaces to industry-standard thermal codes.

Femap Flow Solver

Femap Flow Solver adds computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities to Femap to provide fast, accurate answers to complex CFD challenges. An advanced algebraic multi-grid solver is the core technology that drives support for simulation of both laminar and turbulent fluid flow, low- and high-speed compressible flow, forced flow, natural convection, and mix flows. All analyses can be performed with multiple inlets, outlets, and internal flow boundary conditions. Femap Flow solver supports both structured and unstructured meshing. The Femap Flow Solver can also be coupled with the Femap Thermal Solver products.