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How to Build a Digital Machine Shop Like a Remote Rockstar with NX CAM


The remote-work world has hit many manufacturing companies like a ton of bricks. The push for remote work has been a struggle for years. Traditionally, remote work flexibility was viewed as a way to open up recruitment options and increase employee morale. However, in wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many employers are realizing remote flex might become a necessity just to meet government standards of safety.

There is no better time to start transitioning to remote-friendly processes and by digitally transforming your machine shop, you can become more competitive, efficient, and profitable. A digital machine shop provides powerful advantages, including:

• Reduced turnaround time
• Optimized connectivity between people, equipment, and processes
• Digitalized and visualized processes
• Increased ability to predict and eliminate errors virtually
• Expanded business potential
• Enhanced technological capabilities such as 3D printing

In this presentation, we will discuss how NX CAM, a comprehensive solution for NC programming, postprocessing, and simulation, can help you build a digital machine shop like a remote Rockstar!

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What Is NX CAM?

NX CAM is the world’s leader in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology. The NX brand provides a complete and unmatched set of NC programming capabilities in a single CAM system along with an integrated set of manufacturing software applications.

NX is utilized across numerous industries due to its ability to deliver proven capabilities need for aerospace, automotive, medical device, mold/die, machinery, and many other manufacturing disciplines. By delivering top of the line machine tool programming, advanced machining methods, and efficient NC programming capabilities, the NX brand has proven to be a single solution set for manufacturing and engineering. NX offers options for CAD, CAM, and CMM programming, as well as for tool design – all in one system.

Learn More About NX CAM

If you would like more information on NX CAM, our upcoming webinar “How to Build a Digital Machine Shop Like a Remote Rockstar with NX CAM” is a great start!

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Tuesday, June 16
2 pm EDT

Did you miss the live webinar? Check out our on-demand webinars and for more information, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact us.