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How Can You Communicate Form, Fit, and Function to Customers In Less Than One Day?


The age of simulation driven design is here. Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool. Instead, it is becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is helping designers create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process, while also shortening the overall time it takes to release a design.

Ambitious and innovative companies today are using simulation to discover new concepts as well as using simulation as an integral part of the detailed design process to get to the right design more quickly and beat their competitors to market.

Simulation Needs to Be Used Throughout the Development Process

simulate the development process-manufacturing

How Do We Implement Simulation Driven Design?

Out-of-the-Box, CAD-Integrated Simulation
Simulation embedded directly in the NX CAD environment for basic structural, motion, and flow simulation.

Automate Routine Advanced Simulation Processes
Easily capture, automate, and deploy advanced Simcenter 3D simulation processes for use by designers in the NX CAD environment.

73% of Best-In-Class Organizations Use Simulation during Detailed Design

29% Reduction in Development Time for Best-In-Class Designers Using Simulation-Driven Design

Communicate Form, Fit, and Function to Customers in Less Than One Day

By implementing Simulation Driven Design:

• Understand a design's performance earlier
• Spend less time validating the final design
• Use the simulation to create new design concepts
• Simulate more design variants
• Reduce errors from manual processes
• Validate design performance for first-time-right product development

“Design engineers can analyze their part designs by themselves, without transferring simulation work to the CAE department or waiting or converting models.”

-Guangxi Yuchai Machinery

“Communicate form, fit, and function to customers in less than one day”

-Henry Aaldering, Technical Director, JAZO


• Simulation is too time-consuming
• It takes years to become an analyst
• We don’t trust a designer to deliver accurate simulation results
• Designers aren’t trained in simulation


• Lower the training barrier to make the simulation process more accessible to designers
• Enable tighter collaboration between designers and analysts allowing analysts to guide designers or non-frequent users of simulation technology

Still Concerned?

Geometric Solutions provides a full range of consulting and implementation services to our clients to get the most out of the Siemens Digital Industries Software investment. In addition, we offer a unique Service to Ownership partnership program to successfully transition clients from a service model to full ownership of the software.

Our consulting work consists of discover calls, software demonstrations, and onsite visits to perform gap analyses. The gap analysis involves working with customers to understand their current environment versus where they want to be in order to meet their goals and stay competitive. Additionally, we have resources available to install and implement any of the Siemens software tools.

The Service to OwnershipTM program is perfect for smaller companies that question if they have enough work to justify a software investment, or if they have the internal ability to use the tools. We complete a small project for the client with the software, while they look “over our shoulder” and build the ROI case for acquiring the software. With the second project, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client by providing online support while they learn to use the tool in their own processes.

By the third project, clients take ownership of the software, and our role is to “look over their shoulder” to assist as needed and guarantee that they have a successful conclusion. By this point, you are up and running and your team is fully engaged, ready to assume full control with total confidence.

To learn more about how you can succeed using Simulation Driven Design, contact Geometric Solutions- your Siemens Digital Industries software partner.