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New Techniques for Achieving Social Distancing on the Plant Floor


Although workers across the country are slowly returning to work, the nationwide battle against COVID-19 is long from over. Experts are predicting a second wave to hit later this year. So, it is essential workplaces do everything possible to minimize this outbreak.

Regardless of whether or not your state was one of the coronavirus “hotspots,” social distancing to stop the spread of COVID, and other future diseases, will soon become mandatory or highly recommended.

The manufacturing industry was heavily affected by the stay-at-home order. With machines to operate and pieces to assemble, manufacturing can be difficult, if not impossible, to do from home. Additionally, protecting high-risk employees, spotting symptoms, and maintaining employee satisfaction are numerous other challenges manufacturers face.

How Can Manufacturers Return Safely After COVID-19?

Waiting until employees are on the floor can be a high-risk attempt to navigate social distancing violations that could affect employee health. The video below shows an assembly line in which Tecnomatix Plant Simulation includes social distancing to minimize human contacts closer than 6 feet.

This new normal will help manufacturers return to work without putting employees in harm’s way. Virtual simulation models your company's current environment and analyzes when two workers or more come within a set distance while flagging the intersection with a red circle for later review.

This system will keep a running total of how many violations occur and where they occur in any given timeframe. With Siemens Plant Simulation, you can modify layouts, add partitions, and reposition walk paths. From here, you can determine the optimal flow and safety measures needed for your assembly line.

Moreover, OSHA released “Guidance for the Manufacturing Industry Workforce” outlining industry-specific alerts designed to keep workers safe.

Learn More About Simulating Social Distancing Plant Floor

If you are interested in learning more about social distancing trends in the manufacturing industry, our upcoming webinar “New Techniques for Achieving Social Distancing on the Plant Floor” is a great place to start! There will be a live Q&A session at the end and we encourage all to participate.

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Thursday, July 9
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Did you miss the live webinar? Check out our on-demand webinars and for more information, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact Geometric Solutions- your Siemens Digital Industries software partner.