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Remote Manufacturing 101: Stop Collisions From Your Home Office


When implementing new processes, assemblies, machines, and more, collisions can cause costly damages, hurt employees, and delay projects. Now more than ever, manufacturers need to prioritize time-to-market, end costs, and the safety of employees.

Siemens Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) has a top-tier productive modeling environment integrated with simulation and manufacturing. Unlike a model-based tool, MCD allows you not only to see what your model looks like while validating that it works.

This validation is enabled by the re-use library, from which you can quickly add data to the functional model. This data includes joints, motion, sensors, actuators, collision behavior, and other kinematic and dynamic properties for each component. This allows a physics-based, interactive simulation to verify machine operation. This verification helps you detect and correct errors in the digital model.

This includes a feature called Motion Envelope that records simulations and creates motion envelopes of selected rigid bodies. With this, MCD analyzes and visualizes the envelopes, scanning for interferences making the machine designer more effective by helping identify potential collision areas earlier in the design cycle- saving both time and money.

Did we mention the best part? This can be accomplished from any home office or remote location making it a COVID-19 friendly solution.

By no longer needing to design, setup, and then test for collisions, manufactures can accomplish the three goals previously highlighted: optimized time-to-market, reduced costs, and increased safety for employees.

Learn More About Preventing Collisions With Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD)

If you are interested in more information regarding MCD, our upcoming webinar “Remote Manufacturing 101: Stop Collisions From Your Home Office” is a great start!

Tuesday, Aug 11
2 pm ET

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