Home School for Robots – Program Your Robots Safely From Your Home Office


What is the biggest problem with teach pendant and lead through programming? You can’t do it from home! Robotic Simulation is integral to the manufacturing process. If social distancing is stopping you from physically training your robot, try Process Simulate- an offline programming tool that creates robotic paths and programs at the same time through simulation.

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Why You Should Consider Becoming A Necessary COVID-19 Manufacturer

As states across the nation issue stay-at-home orders- companies, families, and individuals speculate about their futures. According to Drägerwerk, the top German ventilator company, despite being on course to quadruple production this year- it will still not be enough to combat the effects of coronavirus. For those of us residing in the States, our fate is looking even less optimistic. “The largest part of production capacity for ventilators is in Europe, while the biggest problem appears to be in the US” (Stefan Dräger).

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How to Access NX (Unigraphics) From Home

The immediate nation-wide need for home office capabilities has many of our clients wondering if Siemens products can be used while working from home. The answer is yes! Last week we posted The State of Coronavirus in the Workplace – NX (Unigraphics) Deployment Options. Due to the large response rate, we would also like to share a video provided by Siemens. In this webinar, you can learn how to run NX from home without the assistance of Siemens of GeoPLM support. However, please note that all solutions are dependent on personal or company IT policies and capabilities.

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