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On-Demand Webinar: Production Data - 3D Tolerance Analysis with Variation Analysis

This episode brings to a close Geometric Solutions’ series of webinars introducing the powerful dimensional analysis software, Siemens PLM Variation Analysis (VSA). Before tools are cut or a single prototype is manufactured, VSA can help reduce the negative impacts of variation on product dimensional quality, time to market, and ROI.

Early episodes in this webinar series introduced participants to the basics of 3D Tolerance Analysis with Variation Analysis (VSA) software. Episode 3 began our exploration of the more sophisticated, advanced features of VSA. Episode 5 continues that exploration.

We will begin this episode by reviewing and re-emphasizing a few major points of from episodes 1-4.

Next, we will use VSA models to illustrate the value and strength of the software’s plant data incorporating abilities. We’ll explore how VSA allows for the replacement of tolerances in drawings with actual plant data. Then we’ll identify various methods of incorporating plant data into the manufacturing process. A demonstration will close out this segment of the webinar.

The third part of the webinar focuses on Dimensional Planning & Validation (DPV), a closed-loop system for the real-time collection of measured quality data. DPV automates data collection, organization and reporting so quality teams spend more time improving dimensional quality while at the same time reducing scrap, rework and production losses.

We’ll see how DPV can capture as-designed measurement points and measurement plans and create manufacturing databases for their storage, management, and updating. Decision makers can access those databases any time from anywhere. In addition, Tecnomatix DPV software will automatically populate preconfigured report templates with those quality measurements. Such reports can then be disseminated from the shop floor to the boardroom so decision makers can make metrics-based design and manufacturing decisions. Please join us for a deeper understanding – and appreciation – of VSA and DPV software.

Topics covered:

Production Data - 3D Tolerance Analysis with Variation Analysis

Prior Episode Recap:

  • Dimensional Engineering 10-Step Process
  • Cost of Poor Dimensional Quality
  • Siemens PLM Variation Analysis (VSA)
  • Building VSA Models

VSA models - Incorporating Plant Data

  • Replacing Drawing Tolerances with Actual Plant Data
  • Different Methods of Incorporating Plant Data
  • Demonstration

Dimensional Planning & Validation (DPV)

  • Reporting and Analysis of Plant Data
  • Can Access any Plant, from Anywhere
  • Automation of Daily Reports
  • Easy to use Graphical Interface
  • Common Interface Independant of Measurement Tool Used
  • Demonstration

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