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On-Demand Webinar: Remote Production 101: Improve Dimensional Quality

When it comes to product quality, dimensional variations are common contributors to product failures and recalls. After a design is complete and prototypes are ordered, many companies find that not all pieces fit or function well together. Manufacturers often order hundreds of prototypes just to get 1 or 2 working models. When these models fail, it can be difficult to understand what the point of error is. As a result, prototype phases are often lengthy, expensive, and inefficient.

Whether your team is building a new plant or trying to improve an existing one, manufacturers across the country are faced with numerous remote work challenges. How do you keep production moving while working from a home office? In this webinar watch Curtis DeSaele, Director of Technology at Geometric Solutions, demonstrate:

-The negative effects of poor dimensional quality
-How to virtually simulate dimensional quality
-The value and ROI of upfront simulation
-How to leverage MBQ/PMI data

Did we mention the best part? Variation Analysis software can be used from any remote work location. So, if social distancing is keeping you off the plant floor where you are unable to access prototypes, consider up-front simulation through VSA.

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