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In the past, you needed to contact a Siemens solution partner (like Geometric Solutions) to get a quote and buy a copy of Solid Edge. Now you are able to directly purchase a Siemens Solid Edge bundle on your own without the help of a Seimens partner. Siemens is also offering a free 45 day trial of Solid Edge ST10 to try before you buy. The Siemens Solid Edge demo/trial applies to both downloaded version and the streaming version of Solid Edge.

Solid Edge Streaming Vs. Download

Solid Edge is available in 2 formats, Streaming and Download. Most people will download and install their version of Solid Edge to there PC but with recent advances in technology, streaming is also becoming a trend in the CAD design community.

The current Solid Edge system requirements are:

    • 64-bit Windows 10 operating system
    • 8 GB RAM or more
    • True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
    • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format.

If your computer meets the system requirements then it is recommended you install Solid Edge to your computer. However, there are benefits to streaming your license of Solid Edge, the main benefit being the ability to log in and use your copy of solid edge anywhere you have access to wifi and Google's Chrome Web Browser. Yes, the streaming version of Solid Edge will let you:

  • use Solid Edge on a Mac
  • use Solid Edge on a iPad or tablet device
  • save and open your files remotely using DropBox
  • you can even use Solid Edge on your phone if inspiration strikes and you are not near any other device.


Regardless of how you use Siemens Solid Edge software, you will have a high-end CAD software solution that we feel beats the competition. But don't just take our word for it, grab the 45 day trial using the link below and see for yourself.

Convinced that Siemens Solid Edge is the CAD software solution you're looking for? When you're ready to purchase your license of Solid Edge you can click the link above to do so. There are a few different Solid Edge Packages available to purchase. Below is a comparative chart showing the different versions of Solid Edge and what they offer. If you have any questions about Solid Edge or are trying to decide what Solid Edge solution is best for you, please give us a call at Geometric Solutions sales line and we can help you get set up and figure out your personal CAD software solution.

Tap into our Solid Edge firsthand user knowledge and proven processes. Call 888-571-9038 today!

Solid Edge version comparison chart

Key feature/function Solid Edge
Solid Edge
Solid Edge
Solid Edge
Design and Drafting
Cloud enabled ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
2D drafting ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
2D data re-use ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
3D data re-use ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
3D part design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes Basic
3D assembly design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes Basic
Automated 2D drawings ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Synchronous technology (intelligent direct modeling) ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Design automation ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Sheet metal design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Frame and weldment design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Surface modeling ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Plastic part design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Jig and fixture design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Conceptual assembly layout ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Cam design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Gear design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Pulley and shaft design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Spring design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Beam and column design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Wire harness design ✓ Yes
Piping and tubing design ✓ Yes
Standard parts library ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Standard parts library extension – machinery ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Reverse engineering (3D scanning) ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Generative design ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Visualization – animation ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Visualization – photorealistic rendering ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
IFC import and export for BIM ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Mesh data import and re-use (Convergent Modeling™ technology) ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
SolidWorks data migration ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Inventor data migration ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Pro/Engineer / Creo data migration ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Motion simulation ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes Basic
Stress simulation ✓ Yes Basic
Vibration simulation ✓ Yes Basic
Buckling simulation ✓ Yes
Thermal simulation ✓ Yes
Optimization ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) preparation ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) service ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Built-in data management ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Free collaboration tools (e.g. viewing and comments) ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes

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