Has your design process plateaued?

Engineering and design companies are racing to be first to market with products. In order to meet this goal, engineers and designer are first looking to tools that allow them to accelerate their design development process. The CAD tool, used to create 3D designs, is the first obvious place to look for enhancements. But there are problems, here.

The traditional tools of 3D design rely heavily on design concepts and limitation of hardware from over two decades ago.

Design groups using traditional history-based CAD tools are finding that their design process has plateaued. It is getting harder and harder to squeeze time out of the design development process to make it to the next level. What are design groups to do?

How do you climb beyond the plateau to meet your design goals and be first to market?

Newer, more modern tools – those required to get to the next level – are available. They come in a "variety of flavors" of licensing- so initial investments are up to you. One such tool, Siemens’ Solid Edge provides modern toolsets to reduce your time to market. Solid Edge gives design groups control to rapidly create new designs, make revisions faster and get better reuse of existing design data. Solid Edge allows for a mixture of design methods. You can work in either synchronous mode, history mode or more commonly in a hybrid mode. Yes, you can work in both environments and can produces designs models that contain both synchronous procedural features and history-based features. A designer’s dream come true.

Using synchronous technology users get the simplicity of direct modeling with control of parametric design.

Now’s your chance to get the best set of design tools on the market for a small investment. Solid Edge is offering some amazing offers.

Get off your plateau by using Solid Edge.

Not only can you improve your design process with Solid Edge but with these deals you can improve your manufacturing, simulation, technical publications and 3D publishing processes.

Solid Edge Promotions

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