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Simulation Nation 2015: Digital Manufacturing Competitive Advantages

Enable speed-to-market through the use of manufacturing process verification in a virtual 3D environment. Maximize the speed, flexibility and operation of automated systems by first creating virtual models of the systems. These are the primary outcomes realized by users of the next two software packages discussed this episode of Simulation Nation 2015: Process Simulate and RobotExpert.

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In this episode, you’ll learn how Process Simulate offers solutions for minimizing the risk of production changes or the ramp-up of new production lines. You’ll see how to validate assembly plans virtually, from concept through to the start of production.

In this way, you’ll be able to use the virtual world to:

  • Reduce the cost of change with early detection of product design issues
  • Reduce the number of physical prototypes by using virtual validation
  • Optimize cycle times through simulation
  • Reduce the risk of production changes late in implementation
  • Reduce planning time through automatic sequencing and validation tools
  • Reduce the cost of change with early detection & communication of product design issues
  • Ensure ergonomically safe processes
  • Simulate several manufacturing alternatives, which will allow you to select the best production method

This episode also includes an exploration of RobotExpert, the robot simulation software that helps you to create the most suitable & efficient combination of manufacturing equipment in the shortest period of time. Both Process Simulation’s & RobotExpert’s intuitive 3D environments blend a simple optimization of robotic paths & improvement of cycle times with a powerful simulation of virtual mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems.

You’ll also learn how to use these tools to bring about:

  • Virtual optimization of robotic processes
  • Higher throughput through optimized cycle times
  • Standardized industrial robot programming
  • Shortened downtime when introducing a change or a new product
  • Avoidance of human hazards and costly damage to equipment during new program introduction
  • Easy preparation of special robot program syntax

Your moderators and speakers for this episode are Tom Gaunt and Curtis DeSaele – Technology. They will lead the discussion & demonstration of Process Simulate and RobotExpert as you experience their power & explore their potential.

During this demonstration you will:

    • Discuss the advantages of robots in the manufacturing place
    • Explore robotic simulation & offline programming (OLP)
    • Examine how OLP enables you to create, simulate and optimize robot programs in a virtual environment; download to the robot on the shop floor; and upload and reuse programs from the shop floor
    • Participate in a robotics simulation & explore OLP benefits in order to learn about minimizing station downtime, improving accuracy & quality of robotics processes, decreasing dependency on actual robots, saving engineering time, standardizing & reusing reboot programs, & avoiding damage to prototype parts
    • Discover supported robotic applications such as welding, material handling/pick-n-place, deburring, gluing, grinding/milling, painting, polishing, sealing, grinding/milling, painting, polishing, sealing, & water jet cutting

  • Discuss software capabilities including 3D data acquisition, high performance visualization, collision detection, cycle time calculation, sections & measurements, GANTT – sequence of operations, specific robot controller support, download/upload of programs, & calibration
  • Discuss robotics capabilities such as robots library, kinematics modeling, robot manipulation, pick-n-pace, continuous processes, swept volume analysis, & external axis support

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