Virtual Plant Manufacturing Highlights

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Warren, Michigan, October 9, 2015 – Geometric Solutions, a Siemens PLM software partner and service provider explores the time and cost savings attainable with Siemens Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation.

In times of increasing cost and time pressures in production, along with ongoing globalization, logistics plays a key role in the success of a company. In its upcoming webinar, Geometric Solutions will demonstrate how Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation is likewise essential, for it identifies potential logistical problems and illustrates how to solve them before manufacturing even begins and problems occur.

This episode, the second in the Simulation Nation 2015 webinar series, examines Plant Simulation’s ability to create dynamic computer models of complex systems that allow users to optimize performance in terms of material flow, resource utilization and logistics at every level of plant planning. Participants will then get a chance to create a virtual plant and to examine and optimize throughput as well as identify potential bottlenecks. They will learn how – without disturbing existing systems – they can run experiments, predict coordination of product components and product completion schedules, as well as run “what if” scenarios.

Tom Gaunt, of Geometric Solutions says, “Plant Sim establishes an intelligent foundation for business decisions, so much so that instead of ‘Can we afford to employ this technology’ the question you will leave this episode with is ‘Can we afford not to employ this technology?’ ”

This episode will be held Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 11am EST and will be available OnDemand thereafter.

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