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Virtual Validation of Manufacturing Processes and Optimization of Robotics Paths

Screenshot of Process Simulate and Robot Expert

Warren, Michigan, October 20, 2015 – Siemens PLM solution experts explores the time and cost savings attainable with Process Simulation and Tecnomatix® RobotExpert.

In today’s highly competitive business world, as products and manufacturing processes become increasingly more complex, they present world-class manufacturers with increasingly more complex challenges in the “time-to-market” and asset optimization segments of their businesses. To meet such challenges, leading manufacturers virtually validate their manufacturing processes upfront by drawing upon both their organizational knowledge and the availability of 3D models of products and resources. Moreover, manufacturers need to maximize their returns on their capital investments. Naturally, the planning, design and implementation of their systems play critical roles in achieving those returns. The myriad of options available from today’s robot vendors, however, if not managed effectively can add more complexity to the equation.

This episode, the third in the Geometric Solutions’ Simulation Nation 2015 webinar series, examines two software packages that help to establish such validation and simplify robot path management. Through its 3D dynamic environment, Process Simulate makes it easy for business leaders to design and validate their manufacturing processes. Process Simulate enables engineers to re-use, author, and validate manufacturing processes by integrating completely with the manufacturing backbone.

Also, by determining the most suitable combinations of equipment, RobotExpert and Process Simulate maximizes the speed, flexibility and operation of automated systems by offering design, simulation, optimization and offline programming of robotic applications. During this episode, participants will learn about and discuss the many advantages of robots in the work place and the concept of offline programming (OLP). They will then participate in a robotics simulation and explore the benefits of OLP.

Tom Gaunt, of Geometric Solutions says, “The first time people see this software in action they are amazed at the amount of process planning and manipulation of automated systems that can be generated in a virtual world. Once they understand the time and cost savings generated by such problem solving they chomp at the bit to learn more.”

This episode will be held Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 11am EST and will be available OnDemand thereafter.

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