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Using Digital Human Modeling to Improve The Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort of the Workplace Environment

Jack - Digital Human Modeling

Warren, Michigan, November 23, 2015 – Use Digital Human Modeling to Improve The Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort of the Workplace Environment

Find out how Tecnomatix® software analyzes the human factor in virtual design planning and production by enrolling in Episode 5 of the Simulation Nation 2015 webinar series from Geometric Solutions.

Manufacturers in a variety of industries must address the ergonomic aspects of manual operations during the early stages of product design and production planning. One way to do this is utilize human simulation and ergonomics software, which models humans in a virtual environment and simulates, analyzes and optimizes assembly processes and ergonomics.

As the final episode in its autumn webinar series “Simulation Nation 2015,” Geometric Solutions offers a comprehensive look at Digital Human Modeling (DHM) and its benefits in two pieces of software offered by Tecnomatix® solutions from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software.

Jack and Process Simulate Human are among the Tecnomatix solutions that enable companies to improve the safety, efficiency, and comfort of their workplace environments through the use of Digital Human Modeling (DHM). With DHM, users can create virtual people that can be scaled to match a variety of population characteristics. This software can test both product designs and production operations for a wide variety of human factors, including injury risk, timing, user comfort, reachability, lines-of-sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits and other important parameters.

Unlike less sophisticated versions of such software that deal with avatars, DHM produces anatomically accurate, biomechanical models. These can be put to use to simulate the human impact of work, product design, external stressors, and more.

Jack is a human modeling and simulation tool that provides human-centered design tools for analyzing virtual products and work environments for comprehensive analyses of the human factors of new designs – before any physical prototypes are built.

Process Simulate Human creates effective ergonomic studies for a plant’s manufacturing systems and enables manufacturers to virtually develop and verify process plans in a 3D collaborative environment that can be shared by multiple engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

The moderators and speakers for this episode are Tom Gaunt, Geometric Solutions, and Jennifer Marshall, Project Manager – Human Factors and Injury Prevention, Sandlewood Engineering and Ergonomics. They have developed a program that promises to present participants a world of possibilities – not one that’s lingering “out there” on the horizon but one that is ready to get to work, now!

Plan to attend the final episode in the “Simulation Nation 2015” series, “Jack/Process Simulate Human/Digital Human Modeling,” Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 11am EST.

This episode will be held Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 11am EST and will be available OnDemand thereafter.

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