Episode 1: Digital Manufacturing


Simulation Nation 2015: Digital Manufacturing Competitive Advantages

A major cycle of growth and value creation is redefining the world of sustainable manufacturing. The newest arc in that cycle is software technology that powers the concept of virtual-to-real manufacturing. The new processes and solutions it delivers have a profound effect on the entire manufacturing value chain. Is your company ready to become a part of this renaissance?

Manufacturing software has become more and more sophisticated, such as in its ability now to merge automation and design software. The result is the integration of both the virtual and physical worlds in a way that simulates, models, and tests not only products but also production processes, including systems as complex as auto-assembly. Thus, before anything is constructed or set into physical operation, the software can virtually design, plan, develop, and optimize it inexpensively and rapidly.

The ability to work in a virtual world also generates four important byproducts:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Production Innovation
  • Speed-to-Market
  • Flexibility in Mass Production
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  • Digital Manufacturing - Reflect on a brief history of manufacturing leading up to the present and Industry 4.0. Uncover the nine technologies that are transforming industrial production.
  • Plant Simulation - Optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics at every level of plant planning. Simulate a single assembly line, an entire plant, or a global network of manufacturing facilities.
  • Process Simulate & RobotExpert - Verify the manufacturing process in a virtual 3D environment. Enable speed-to-market. Maximize the speed, flexibility and operation of automated systems by offering design, simulation, optimization and offline programming of robotic applications.
  • Variation Analysis (VSA) - Simulate manufacturing and assembly processes to predict the amounts and causes of variation.
  • Jack Human Simulation - Perform human-centered ergonomic analyses of both virtual products and virtual work environments by employing a human modeling and simulation tool.
  • Taking the Next Step - Explore how manufacturers can gain competitive advantages by utilizing these tools.

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