NX Effectively & Efficiently

Design and manufacture parts productively

As the complexity of products has increased substantially, so has the complexity of parts which must be manufactured. The ability to effectively and efficiently design and manufacture these parts is no simple task.

Design with Cost in Mind

DFMPro for NX is a CAD integrated Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFM/A) solution which allows the designer to AUTOMATE the check of designs for producibility.

DFMPro assists design engineers in identifying features of a design which are difficult, expensive and impossible to manufacture, at the design stage itself. This helps in avoiding downstream issues which impact cost, quality and time to market.

DFMPro covers various commonly used manufacturing processes like machining (milling, turning, drilling), injection molding, casting, sheet metal fabrication and assembly.

DFMPro for NX not only highlights the problem but suggests corrective action and values from best practice handbooks and knowledge repository.

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