NX Convergent Modeling

Many industries use scanned 3D data as part of their design processes. Prior to Convergent Modeling, to work with the scanned data, the user would have to re-create the scanned design using surfaces and solids ― using the facets as a reference only. This is a time-consuming and exacting process - requiring significant time and skill.

With Convergent Modeling in NX Design Software, this process is easier than ever before because the same modeling techniques and features you use to create native CAD geometry can now be used on facet geometry.

NX Convergent Modeling

Whether designing medical devices, retail or apparel products, or utilizing clay models for styling and design, Convergent Modeling is a critical tool for creating and modifying facet shapes more quickly and with fewer errors than other solutions.

Convergent Modeling also supports new manufacturing techniques for complex and irregular shapes such as 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) and enables solutions like Topology Optimization to seamlessly fit into the design process. Watch this video to see NX Convergent Modeling in action.

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