Additive Manufacturing Trends to Get the Most of Your New Product


Generative Design, Topology Optimization Oh my!

Additive Manufacturing changes everything. With 3D printing, the impossible is now possible. The problem is how to best leverage your designs to get the most of your new product.

• Effective use of generative design methods requires companies to open up their design thinking
• Companies need to have a clear understanding of system performance and requirements to improve optimization
• It becomes necessary to consider a multi-disciplinary approach that considers design, materials, manufacturing process, to maximize value

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Tuesday, May 26 2020
2 pm EDT

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10 Steps to Use PLM Tools for Dimensional Engineering

The Dimensional Engineering process is a systems engineering approach to improving the quality of your products. We will show you a 10 step Dimensional Engineering process as well as state of the art PLM tools needed to perform, manage, and track the process.

Based on Deming’s Plan, Do, Check Act (PDCA) quality improvement cycle, you will see how PDM's, PMI, GD&T, 3D tolerance analysis tools, and automated quality reporting tools will support your Dimensional Engineering process.

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Integrated Engineering 101: Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation Remote Collaboration

Gone are the days of machines being purely mechanical. Today's Machine Builders must now integrate electrical and automation along with mechanical elements. Products need to be both high-quality and low cost in order to compete- and did we mention this all needs to be done faster than ever before? However, collaboration is often limited due to the lack of interface between departments. Major meetings typically occur near the end of a project and any errors found cause time-consuming and costly updates. Whereas with MCD, collaboration leads to problems being identified earlier resulting in both time and cost savings.

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What Do You Do When Engineers Can’t Find Product Data?


Many companies are consistently challenged by lengthy product changes and design reviews due to engineers being unable to quickly find product data. Common issues include time-consuming retrieval processes or conflicting document versions. However, the reality remains the same: business performance suffers due to this time-waste.

Using tools like Teamcenter, you will not be asking any more:

· Where is my drawing file?
· Is this the latest version of CAD?
· Why am I missing parts from my assembly?
· How come two parts on my assembly never got their drawings made?

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