Best Practices for Top-Tier Mold Makers


Mold making is a highly competitive business. Often companies are competing for numerous bids with prices that align with profit margins. However, this is not always enough to win.

The delivery date can be a huge factor for winning bids. Not only must these predicted dates be timely, but they must also be accurate. Accurate quotes require significant efforts and despite all of the work, winning bids are still minimal.

Survey results indicate that only 52% of the jobs respondents quoted were won. Then, once the bid is won, challenges continue to multiply. Between poor part designs, bottlenecks, complexity, changes, and so on create obstacles that affect profitability.

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How Can You Communicate Form, Fit, and Function to Customers In Less Than One Day?


The age of simulation driven design is here. Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool. Instead, it is becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is helping designers create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process, while also shortening the overall time it takes to release a design.

Ambitious and innovative companies today are using simulation to discover new concepts as well as using simulation as an integral part of the detailed design process to get to the right design more quickly and beat their competitors to market.

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What Is Realize LIVE 2020?


Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Realize LIVE is a premier event designed to connect the growing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software user community. Although traditionally an in-person event, due to the health crisis Siemens decided to transition Realize LIVE into a free virtual event.

As the manufacturing industry is continuously transitioning itself into a virtual environment, the change is rather fitting.

This live, virtual experience- not your average webcast -is full of engagement including: Q&A sessions, live chats, and networking sessions.

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Tuesday, June 23rd – Wednesday, June 24th

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Innovative Trends in Medical Device Additive Manufacturing

3D printing medical devices

The medical device manufacturing community is one of the leading drivers behind the advancement of additive manufacturing technology- especially in regards to metal printing. We have all seen reports of 3D printed prosthetics for amputees and other similar ventures. However, additive manufacturing is affecting the procedures that are performed every day in hospitals as well.

Consider this: during surgery, surgeons need to make precise cuts. It is quite common for surgeons to use a template or guide to help position those cuts. In the past, this was accomplished with a set of guides of varying sizes that surgeons selected from during surgery in a trial-and-error fashion. Although this process worked, it led to surgeons making less than optimal incisions.

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