NX for Design

Take your innovation to the next level

Do you feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle to get innovative new products to market faster than ever before? The pace of innovation is a key success factor in today’s competitive landscape. The next generation of products will require a next generation design solution to create and deliver them. That solution is available today.

NX for Design - Blog post

NX is a unified, integrated application requiring no data translations and 100% associativity of work between CAD, CAE, and CAM disciplines, which reduces time and errors and offers better collaboration and results. NX allows all of your engineers and designers to collaborate and share information across the traditional barriers that exist in a single discipline solution.

The power and flexibility of NX for Design increases exploration of product ideas and design alternatives early in the design process; driving innovation and reducing late-stage errors and adjustments. Watch this video to learn more about the power and flexibility of NX.