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NX CAM 5-Axis Milling

Milling Software for Precise, Efficient Machining of Complex Parts

Reduce costs and delivery times! Machine complex parts with fewer operations and setups by using the 5-axis milling software module in NX.

Create precisely controlled tool paths on complex surfaces with effective collision and gouge checking.

Z-Level with Tilted Tools

5-axis Z-level cutting allows for the use of shorter tools to machine deep areas. Also, one of the automatic capabilities of NX tilts the tool axis to prevent collisions with the tool holder. Reduced tool deflection means reduced tool wear and better surface finish.

5-Axis Streamline

For 5-axis high-speed machining (HSM), an ideal cutting method is the smooth-flowing streamline strategy, which follows the natural shape of the machined area for superior finish. Flexible cut patterns can handle any surface geometry, no matter the construction methods.

Contour Profiling

To automate the programming of machining features with complex drafted walls, the variable-axis contour profiling option is ideal. Once the user selects the floor geometry, NX will recognize the drafted walls and generate the 5-axis tool path.

Swarf Cutting

Swarf cutting keeps the side of the tool aligned with the machined faces. Couple that with the capability for user-control over the tilt of the cutting tool to improve the surface finish and reduce machining time.

3- to 5-Axis Tool Path Conversion

Multi-axis cutting significantly improves the productivity of mold and die machining. Efficiently machine molds and dies with deep cavities by using automatic tool-tilting in NX.

Tilting the tool avoids holder collisions. NX automatically analyzes the tool path and tilts accordingly. This 5-axis milling method allows for the use shorter tools, which results in a reduction of vibration and tool deflection.

High Levels of User Control

NX CAM 5-axis milling software includes flexible options that enable users to program virtually any complex part model. Such high levels of multi-axis machining enable control of 5-axis tool motion with traditional drive, part and check surface specifications.

Machine Tool Simulation

Among the essential tools NX provides is the machine tool simulation whose motion is based on the NC output of the NX postprocessor. The machine tool simulation produces a 3D model of a machine – with the parts, fixtures and tooling – moving in the way the real machine tool will move.

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