NX CAM Turning

A Complete CNC Lathe Software Solution

The turning software module in NX CAM is adaptable to the required tasks. On one hand, it assists with quickly programming simple parts on CNC lathe machines. On the other, it handles the toughest geometry in multi-spindle, multi-turret applications.

The software is also adaptable to the situation, using either 2D part profiles or full solid models. Its advanced cutting strategies include roughing, multiple-pass finishing, grooving, thread cutting and centerline drilling.

Complete Set of Automated Operations

The full range of CNC lathe operations available with the turning software module in NX include:

  • On-center hole making (spot, drill, peck, chip, ream and tap)
  • Roughing (face, turn, back turn, bore, back bore and undercut) with multiple patterns and depth of cut control and angle control
  • Rough and finish grooving with auto left/right tracking point control
  • OD/ID (outside diameter/inside diameter) threading
  • OD/ID face
  • Cutoff operation and bar feed operation types

User Control

Account for various finish requirements or in-process characteristics, such as grind stock, by customizing and fine-tune turning boundaries.

Additionally, when necessary you can employ NX to suppress features. Desired end-results are easily achieved through transitions to and from boundary edits. Another feature allows the user to compensate for cutter diameter variance or to use zero-diameter tool programming (part dimension programming).

Advanced Options

The special cutting patterns in NX CAM turning software include finish all, down-only cutting, and toward/away from a corner.

Valuable work pieces can be protected with the feature that allows interrupting long cuts for insert changes. Other automatic features: safe exit and re-entry to the cut.

Teach Mode

With a few mouse clicks, the turning software module in NX delivers step-by-step motion instructions. Not only does NX support all of your lathe center’s capabilities (including bar feeds or tail stocks) but it also visualizes their motions.

In-Process Workpiece (IPW)

Keep track of workpiece nominal shape in operations sequences. NX CAM furnishes immediate feedback on the current IPW status in a number of displays, including 2D and spinning 3D.

NC Programming Automation

Automate grooving with feature-based machining processes. For example, the parameter-driven thread cutting processes in NX CAM turning software produces threads according to standards.

Also, the software can break corners with arcs or chamfers that account for the finish status of the adjacent geometry.

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