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Tooling and Fixture Design

Advanced Automation and Process Simulation

From part design and tool assembly layout to detailed tooling design and validation, NX streamlines the entire tool development process. NX’s advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part designs are a solution to even the most challenging tooling and fixture designs.

NX Mold Design

Automating and streamlining the entire mold development process including part design, tool design and motion validation, NX Mold Design enables you to respond quickly to design changes and high-quality molds.

NX Progressive Die Design

NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for both straight break and freeform sheet metal parts. By automating the most tedious tasks and streamlining the most complex processes, it guides the user through all required stages of designing a progressive die. In addition to helping to produce the complete die structure it offers associativity to the part design at every stage.

NX Stamping Die Design

Producing a representation of the press line and modeling the shape of the sheet metal as it leaves each press, NX Stamping Die Design assists users in defining the process used to manufacture complex stamped sheet metal parts. Its advanced capabilities for designing automotive stamping dies include formability analysis, die planning, die face design, detailed die structure design and die validation.

NX Electrode Design

Incorporating numerous industry best practices into a step-by-step approach, NX Electrode Design automates the electrode design and manufacturing process.

NX for Jig and Fixture Design

Fully associative to the part model, jig and fixture designs can be quickly and accurately updated to reflect part model changes. The NX assembly capabilities easily position and mate fixtures and their components and automatically create drawings and documentation of them. They also simulate the kinematics of fixtures, such as opened and closed positions, and checks for strength and distortion.

Solution Connectivity

Teamcenter manages your data for reuse. Its standardized resources enable maximum efficiency in areas such as:

  • Integration for full data management
  • A database of re-usable tool, fixture assemblies and components
  • A full classification structure for easy search and retrieval of parts
  • Reuse of standard tool and fixture components for faster design

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