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Factory Design and Optimization

Optimize manufacturing operations with quickly created 3D factory designs

The Tecnomatix factory design and optimization solution assists manufacturing firms in the design, lay-out, and configurations of their entire factory operations. The 3D digital models and advanced software tools promote optimization of both total company processes and operations (throughput and logistics).

The virtual, 3D production systems models allow users to select the most efficient factory layouts, while also ensuring that such factors as clearance, energy, noise, and safety are considered, and any potential issues solved, before production actually begins. Providing the design teams with the ability to see plan outcomes in the virtually modeled facilities allows companies to avoid the kinds of costly errors and wasted resources that can occur when problems crop up through trial and error in real facilities.

Line Designer

Line Designer application is used to design and visualize layouts of production lines in NX™ software and enables you to easily associate designed layouts to manufacturing planning.


A 3D layout application, FactoryCAD guides manufacturers in the creation of factory models that are both detailed and logical. FactoryCAD also promotes the integration of its features with “smart objects” that represent total factory resources.


FactoryFLOW software is a graphic-based, material handling system that assists manufacturers in creating optimal layouts based on material flow distances, frequency, and costs. The factory layout alternatives are created through analyses and considerations of part routing information, material storage needs, material handling equipment specifications, and part packaging information.

In Context Editor (ICE)

A Teamcenter interface, Context Editor (ICE) serves as the storage and retrieval archives for the 2D/3D data created in FactoryCAD. ICE not only provides a collaborative field where team members can manage factory layout data, it also maintains the selected layout plan in the context of the manufacturing bill of process (BOP) information.