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Shop Floor Integration

PLM and MES system integration leads to improved shop floor performance.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, which have been built to support the design, engineering, and simulation of factory operations and to provide a smooth transition from the designed virtual factory to the actual shop floor, prove to be essential tools that allow manufacturers to both meet time, cost, and quality targets, while also achieving the manufacturer’s profitability goals.

The unique two-way integration between PLM and shop floor operations is key to Siemens’ PLM software and serves to eliminate virtual-to-physical transition. This shop floor integration solution is based on a process of directly communicating manufacturing job instructions to such factory operational control systems as the manufacturing execution system (MES). Because this program ensures that the most current work plans are easily accessible to shop floor operators, PLM-MES integration increases the efficiency of work output, while also strengthening communications between planning and production departments.


The PLM to MES solution also assists in the sharing of PLM solutions with the manufacturing shop floor. This kind of sharing allows for quicker product launches, continuous ameliorations of on-going processes, compliance with current regulations, and increased efficiency of operations. The product's lifecycle data are also added into an integrated knowledge base, which then can be used to foster and market new, innovative, and profitable products.