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Virtual Commissioning

Optimizing automation systems and debugging PLC programming in a virtual environment

Today, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programs designed to work with sophisticated tooling, robots, transfer lines, and other safety equipment are used to control highly automated and flexible manufacturing systems. With PLC programming, manufactures gain the capability of modifying production lines without having to completely retool the entire plant. Despite this, changes still require engineers to stop production for an extended time period to debug the PLC programs on live equipment.

Now, Tecnomatix virtual commissioning solutions allow manufacturers to debug PLC codes while in a virtual environment, before downloading them to real-world equipment. Virtual simulations and validations of automation equipment provide confirmations of equipment usability, thus significantly reducing the time it takes for system startup.

Process Simulate for Robotics

Process Simulate for Robotics assists in the debugging and simulation of PLC codes for automation equipment, tooling, and safety devices.

Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation allows users to debug and simulate the PLC codes that drive such material handling systems as conveyors, transfer lines, and overhead hangers.