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Human Simulation and Ergonomics

Using human modeling in the simulation, analyses, and optimization of manufacturing processes and ergonomics

It is imperative that manufacturers operating within a broad range of industries pay special attention to the ergonomic aspects of their manual operations, and do so while still in the early stages of product design and manufacturing planning. Compliance with the health, safety, and legal aspects of human assembly operations are crucial, leading every manufacturer to identify and implement the most cost-effective ways to address these issues in their production operations.

The Tecnomatix Human Simulation and Ergonomics program uses virtual-environment human modeling as a guide to the improvement of workplace safety, efficiency, and comfort. The program allows for the analyses of human-driven operations using lifelike models scaled to match varying population characteristics. Users can test both the design and operational aspects of a wide variety of human factors, including, but not limited to, such important parameters as injury risk potentials, timing, operator comfort, reachability, line-of-sight, energy expenditure, and fatigue limits. This program gives manufacturers the ability to ensure compliance with ergonomic standards while still in the planning process, thus avoiding any problems regarding safety, counter ergonomic effects, and compliance feasibility that may arise during production



Jack is a human simulation tool that uses virtual people in the propagation of designs based on human performance factors and ergonomic analyses. With the Jack program, designers can simulate, test, improve and refine their product designs and determine industrial tasking using the most comprehensive sets of human performance tools available today.

Process Simulate Human

Process Simulate Human is a collaborative, data-managed, 3D virtual environment that can be shared by multiple engineering and manufacturing disciplines as they develop and validate process plans for manufacturing systems. Through its simulations of human tasks and capabilities of assessing human performance, Process Simulate Human allows the manufacturer to develop and implement processes that are both realistic and ergonomically effective.