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Process Design and Management

The Process Design and Management program promotes the management of engineering and manufacturing bills of materials and bills of process in a single environment, thus achieving more effective manufacturing plans. In a response to the recognized need to more quickly market their customized, high-quality products, many manufacturers choose to conduct their manufacturing operations from a number of different plants and to work with various suppliers. These same manufacturers must then utilize technologies and methodologies that allow them to establish process plans that reflect the right and most efficient product configurations. This then leads them to the need for software tools that can align and consolidate the kinds of engineering bills of materials (eBOMs), manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs), and bills of process (BOPs) that provide them total control of product development and manufacturing planning processes.

The Tecnomatix Process Design and Management solution not only allows design and manufacturing engineers to concurrently develop product and process planning definitions, it also provides for the achievement of more efficient manufacturing plans by solving any manufacturing constraints while still in the product design process, thus resulting in more efficient manufacturing plans. Manufacturing Process Planner

Powered by Teamcenter, the Tecnomatix Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) application allows for the simultaneous development of product and manufacturing process definitions by teams of design and manufacturing engineers. This cooperative effort ensures that any possible manufacturing concerns are solved while still in the product design stage. By connecting the design/build processes, MPP also provides manufacturers with the ability to evaluate alternative manufacturing scenarios, maximize resource utilization, and optimize throughput during the very early stages of concept planning.

Advanced Assembly Planning

With Advanced Assembly Planning, manufacturers gain the ability to independently configure product and plant BOPs. The Advanced Assembly Planning application also bridges the connections between the product-centric and plant-centric product development perspectives.

Process Designer

Process Designer serves as a connecting point between product and process design processes, thus enabling manufacturers to get a head-start on engineering efforts and more easily meet market commitments. This program also promotes the manufacture of higher-quality products through its provision of design feedback relative to product manufacturability. The program’s 3D virtual environment also allows users to develop and validate manufacturing strategies, regardless of existing product lifecycle management (PLM) platform.

Web-Based BOP Manager

The Web-Based BOP Manager allows its users access to process data, including 3D visualization of parts, resources and layouts, all in a web-based environment. With this application, manufacturing engineers can easily review, analyze, and share product and process information.