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Manufacturing Work Instructions

Clear work instructions on the shop floor

Even though step-by-step instructions are of vital importance for all stages of mass production, from how to manufacture parts to completing the final assembly process, it is still a challenge to get those work instructions to the site of the manufacturing operations taking place on the shop floor where they are needed the most. Especially with the changing conditions of the global workplace, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to manage these work instructions by having a central location that can be accessed from various sites. This center needs to provide the most up-to-date information, be versatile enough to handle product variants and changing production setups, and offer 2D/3D visualization tools that clearly demonstrate the process.

The manufacturing work instructions solution provided by Tecnomatix allow companies to control the information related to their specific products, processes, resources and plants in a managed environment. Furthermore, Teamcenter’s configuration capabilities also allow for an automatic updating process documentation through revision management, so that all process stakeholders can see changes as soon as they happen, and then act accordingly.

Electronic Work Instructions

Teamcenter’s electronic work instructions (EWI) solution give shop floor workers the ability to access 3D, animated work instructions through the Teamcenter database. 3D Documents

With Teamcenter’s manufacturing 3D PDF documentation solution, planners can distribute interactive 3D work instructions to the shop floor in PDF format.