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Manufacturing Process Planner

Product Overview

Manufacturing companies do not always fully understand the importance that engineering change orders have in their manufacturing processes. Moreover, manufacturing engineers may not always have significant influence over the product’s design.

With Manufacturing Process Planner, manufacturing data, process, resource and plant information can all be managed in an integrated product and production lifecycle setting. This program allows engineering bill of materials (BOM), manufacturing BOM, and the manufacturing bill of process (BOP) to align perfectly with each other, and manufacturers will rest easy knowing that their designed parts and assemblies are being efficiently utilized by their selected manufacturing processes. Manufacturing Process Planner also contains advanced time management features that support the analysis of value added and non-value added activities, while also assisting in maintaining lean initiatives. 2D/3D work instructions can also be generated in order to clearly communicate assembly steps to the shop floor.

The Manufacturing Process Planner improves efficiency by allowing visualization in a “dashboard” look and feel of all of the most important information in a single window. Teamcenter’s abilities also assist in managing variants and effectivity, workflows, access control, classification, and reporting. Process Simulate can be accessed directly from Manufacturing Process Planner, which allows the user to perform assembly simulation ergonomic analysis and work place optimization.

Key Capabilities and Benefits


  • Utilizes dashboard-style user interface.
  • Uses best-in-class templates for process authoring.
  • Conducts detailed search and accountability checks for process validation before implementation.
  • Offers an integrated environment for product, process, plant, and resource data.
  • Allows global access to manufacturing process information.
  • Ensures balanced and optimized production lines.
  • Uses a bill-of-process specific to the plant in order to accelerate the reuse of assembly processes across plants.
  • Enables time management and analysis of value added and non-value added activities.
  • Generates 2D/3D work instructions to the shop floor for greater clarity.
  • Integrates with Process Simulate seamlessly for advanced process optimization analysis.


  • Increases manufacturing planning productivity by up to 40 percent.
  • Allows effective communication and collaboration between product design, manufacturing, and shop floor execution.
  • Enables re-use of proven processes and resources.
  • Reduces cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues.