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Issue Tracking Management

A solution for the tracking, prevention, and management of corrective actions used in confronting non-conformant activities and outcomes.

In their efforts to gain competitive advantages in today’s competitive marketplaces, companies face myriad of challenges involved in reducing product and operating costs, while simultaneously maintaining or improving the quality of the products they manufacture. Their success in such endeavors relies on improving the efficiencies of their teams, which may be operating in disparate locations across the globe.

Tecnomatix Issue Tracking and Management Solutions provides manufacturers with closed-loop issue resolution built on a foundation that is enterprise-scalable. Not only does this program allow users to identify, analyze, and share critical product quality data across the entire scope of their enterprises, their design, manufacturing, and quality improvement teams can also share and access the same information needed to support six sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives. To guide manufacturers in their efforts to make the kinds of smart decisions that have global adaptability, this corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) software provides users visibility to critical product quality issues, failures/non-conformances issues, and the means at hand to resolve these kinds of issues.

Issue Management and CAPA

Our Issue Management and CAPA software provides enterprise-wide solutions for capturing and tracking various forms of complaints, defects, and non-conformances. This program assists manufacturing in creating a formal process designed to systematically investigate, analyze, and resolve these issues while also preventing future reoccurrences.